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Inspired by long days of sunshine. Inspired by community that lifts one another up.

By the way calendula holds onto the light, even as the days grow dark. We believe in the healing power of plants... that power is made ever-more potent when grown with care

for the soil, for the bugs, for the natural cycle of things.



I'm Elana; the owner, farmer, plant lover, and botanical medicine enthusiast behind Solstice Herb Farm. I came into herbal medicine as young as I can remember, with my master gardener/herbalist mother sneaking Echinacea tincture into my orange juice at the onset of a cold. Though I wasn't fond of those bitter sips, the wisdom of the plants must have etched its way into my soul early on. I officially began my study of herbs at 7Song's Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, with a major focus on medicine-making, wildcrafting, and botanical identification. I was fortunate enough to apprentice with Teresa Boardwine in her clinical herbalism program, where compassionate care was central. I then went on to work at Dr. James Duke's Green Farmacy Garden, where my curiosities of global medicinal plant varieties were nurtured. The past decade or so I've worked, managed, and volunteered on several vegetable, flower, and herb farms from New England to Maryland to Israel to Costa Rica... and, well, I've made it full-circle back to southern Maine. I am thrilled to work towards my mission of localizing the herb market, while contributing to the health of this beautiful community!

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